Now It All Makes Sense cover “Now It All Makes Sense courageously and clearly presents a series of gripping, poignant clinical vignettes of individual psychotherapy cases in motion. It so convincingly demystifies and destigmatizes mental illness that it deserves to be widely read by the lay and professional communities. It is the equivalent of a masters series for writers or dancers.”
Harold Eist, M.D.,
    Past President,
    American Psychiatric Associatio

By William J. Stockton, M.D.

Self-knowledge psychotherapist and psychoanalyst with 100,000 hours of experience as a therapist, teacher, and supervisor; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, George Washington University Medical School; Past President of the Washington Psychiatric Society; Past President of the Baltimore-Washington Psychoanalytic Society and former Chairman of its Institute’s Education Committee; and former Chairman of Consortium on Treatment Issues, American Psychiatric Association.

Now It All Makes Sense is for:

  • General readers curious about the mind
  • Students of the mind wishing to understand how the mind works
  • Anyone considering self-knowledge therapy but uncertain about proceeding
  • Anyone whose self-defeating behaviors collide with their personal goals or endanger their careers and relationships
  • Patients in emotional pain, whose drug or other treatment has not helped or has been inadequate
  • Patients whose painful emotional symptoms have been relieved by medication, but who realize that their symptoms' underlying emotional causes have not been resolved
  • Therapists whose patients require greater self-understanding than the therapist's training or experience has provided