About William J. Stockton, M.D.

William J. Stockton Dr. William Stockton is a private practice self-knowledge therapist in Washington, D.C., and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University Medical School. He has been a psychiatric teaching consultant to Walter Reed General Hospital and the National Institute of Mental Health at St. Elizabeths Hospital; Training and Supervising Analyst at the Baltimore-District of Columbia Psychoanalytic Institute; lecturer at Georgetown University School of Medicine and School of Nursing; and a psychiatric consultant to the Department of State.

He has served as President of the Washington Psychiatric Society, President of the Baltimore-Washington Psychoanalytic Society, and Chairman of its Institute's Education Committee, and, from 1996-2002, national Chair of the Consortium on Treatment Issues of the American Psychiatric Association.

During his forty years of common sense, often unorthodox analytic therapy practice, Dr. Stockton has spoken many times about self-understanding to general audiences—those for whom this book is primarily written—and has been told repeatedly that he is the only psychotherapist they had ever heard who made sense of the mind’s arcane mysteries and how they worked in ordinary people, and who expressed those ideas in a meaningful way.